Structural Health monitoring

Solutions to detect damage and monitor the health status of complex structures

Condition monitoring

Solutions to monitor operating conditions of high value assets and detect critical faults.

Research & Development

Best-in-class fiber optic sensing systems for testing and R&D

micro-seismic monitoring

Solutions to measure seismic events in challenging environments and remote locations


Solutions to ensure efficient operation of power generation assets

Acoustic arrays

Fiber-optic solutions for underwater acoustic and seismic measurements

Game changing fiber optic sensing solutions

State-of-the-art sensing systems for unmatched performance

in the most challenging environments

Our products

Simple, elegant and reliable


OptimAE is world’s only fiber optic acoustic emission sensing system. The optical fiber system is an integration of the readout interrogator, different types of optical sensors and a software package that enables a whole new field of measurements.


Our FBG interrogators are a revolutionary new breed of optical fiber interrogators. Ultimate precision, repeatability, and accuracy: this interrogator family returns measurements using patented scan-by-scan calibration.


Our acceleration optical sensing system is a new way to measure acceleration with optical sensing for monitoring your valuable assets.


News and releases

Performance comparison between FOS and PZT AE sensors

The white-paper written in collaboration with CETIM operated by ANDRA is out!  Our optical acoustic emission system OptimAE is ready to tackle difficult measurements in harsh environments, with performance comparable to the state-of-the-art electrical systems. ...