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Acoustic emission sensing system

OptimAE Interrogator

The OptimAE Interrogator is a modular system that allows the capture of the most prominent AE features and gets the best out of the new 6300-series sensors

The 6300-Series Sensors

The 6300-series sensors are designed to deal with the most challenging environments, for example extreme temperatures, high voltage zones, radiation (EMI) and explosive hazardous areas (ATEX zones).

OptimAE Software

The OptimAE software package integrates all the features an AE user could desire in an intuitive and user-friendly environment.

FAZT FBG interrogators

FAZT I4G and I4W

The FAZT I4G and I4W Optical sensing features 4 monitoring channels with each channel capable of reading out 30 FBG’s. The system is enclosed in a field deployable stainless-steel casing. The I4W maintains the excellent features combined with competitive pricing.



FAZT I4-16 and I4-16W

The FAZT I4-16 and I4-16W sensing interrogator combines the core technology of the company’s lower-cost models FAZT I4G and I4W but has 16 channels available for full spectrum operation and sensor peak detection modes.


The M64S4 optical switch enables expansion of the FAZT interrogators from 4 to 64 channels. Connected to the I4G or I4W the sensor potential increases from 120 up to 1920.

Acceleration sensing system

Deltasens Interrogator

Deltasens is the acceleration sensing interrogator and provides an affordable solution measuring up to 16 Fabry Perot sensors without compromising the performance.

2300-Series Accelerometers

2300 Series accelerometers are designed for long time reliable measurements for acceleration from DC up to 8000 HZ in a single or tri-axle configuration.

Deltasens Software

Our acceleration sensing products are a new way to measure acceleration for monitoring your valuable assets.

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