Deltasens R&D

Multiplexing Fabry-Pérot type sensors in a network
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Deltasens r&D interrogator 

DeltaSens is the solution for multiplexing Fabry-Pérot sensors while maintaining high sensitivity and acquisition speed. In combination with our fiber-top technology, it supports the measurement of a broad range of physical parameters such as accelerations, pressure, humidity, temperature, and even gas concentrations.

DeltaSens provides an affordable solution without compromising on the sensitivity. The distance between the sensors and/or read-out can vary from centimeters up to several kilometers. DeltaSens uses interferometry to measure multiple low-finesse Fabry-Pérot sensors, and therefore provides a reduced cost per sensor. The DeltaSens R&D system works seemlessly with 2600 series accelerometers.

Key features

17 kHZ sampling


12 channels

Configuration software

Lan interface, remotely accessible

online data processing

no maintenance, easy to use


DeltaSens is based on optical fiber interferometry and offers a complete new way of multiplexing Fabry Pérot type sensors. Fabry-Pérot sensors are the most sensitive optical transducers with the smallest dimensions. With DeltaSens, a high sensitivity sensing network in a challenging environment becomes reality.

All sensors in the network are sampled simultaneously, such that synchronization-sensitive correlation studies can be performed. The signals of each sensor are based on measuring phase information of the sensor cavity sizes; by tracking this phase over multiple interferometric fringes a large dynamic range is achieved.

Using just a single readout to measure multiple MEMS based Fabry-Pérot sensors makes DeltaSens an affordable solution, without compromising on the sensitivity or bandwidth.